I live in Los Angeles and have used three SEO companies in the last 2 years within the area. While all three have sales associates with believable pitches and made me feel comfortable buying, the results simply never came to fruition.

I do consider myself to have moderate to advanced SEO knowledge. I know about properly placing targeted keywords in the appropriate HTML tags, I know to add ALT Attributes to images, I understand that being consistent with the usage of my keywords will allow search engine crawlers to interpret my site more intelligently and specifically the way I want them to.

I know on-site optimization is the foundation to securing first page positioning. What I did not know is that the three companies mentioned previously told me they would provide this on-site optimization, adjusting the HTML coding so my website would be compliant with Internet algorithms. I was told once this is completed first page positioning would be right around the corner.

Unfortunately all was but a good sales pitch with little or no work done to the HTML coding of my site. I saw at best minimal movement in my organic rankings. I canceled my account with my third provider and pretty much decided SEO companies just don’t live up to their promises whatsoever.

About two month after at a lunch meeting I was referred to Move It Up Marketing and was told, “give them a call and let them run an analysis of your website. It is free and will show you more about your site than your ever could imagine.”

Their analysis was detailed beyond my belief. It showed me the errors that were never fixed and was the most valuable and comprehensive presentation I had ever seen by an SEO company.

My errors are fixed, my rankings are increasing and I will certainly refer anyone searching for first page rankings to Move It Up Marketing, unless that is they are my competition!

– Justin

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