In the World of Internet Marketing there are typically three steps needed to ensure your website gains exposure online. We used a very familiar acronym, TLC. However, now as Social Media Impact is also a rather large factor we use, TLC’s.

TLC’s stands for, Technology, Links, Content & Social Impact.

If any one part of TLC’s is missing there is a high probability that your website does not have a high PageRank. Without a high PageRank search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will not rank your site well and therefore your site will not obtain nearly as main visitors as it should.

Technology – Is all the aspects on the back-end coding of your website that make up the structure of the site itself. Remember that search engine crawlers, “those things that actually read your site and index its pages”, don’t actually see your site as we do. The search engine crawlers see the HTML coding of your site. After crawling your website the crawlers then grade your website based upon how accurately the websites coding follows Googles algorithmic principles.

Links – Are all the websites that have your website address on their pages with a hyperlink pointing back to your website. Links are like friends and the more friends/links your website has pointing into it, the more popular your website is and will be.

Content–Content is king! Your website must have compelling content including the keywords you want your website to rank highly for. Remember keyword stuffing is frowned upon and makes your website read inaccurately. Also think about how your website reads and which keywords you are utilizing in your content. If you are a beginner in Internet Marketing you should use keywords in your content that have a lower competition lever so your can rank faster.

Social Impact – We aren’t talking about Facebook and Twitter anymore folks. Today’s vast Social World has new Social sites popping up on a daily basis. Creating new accounts and keeping up with feeds and posts is mandatory as algorithms have a new category called Social Impact. Be known socially and your website will get more leads.

Curious as to how good your website is? Let us know! We will go over your websites TLC’s and provide your websites score. We can then compare your score to one of your competitors to see how you stack up against your competition.

– MOVE IT UP Marketing

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