Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of promoting a website online to increase organic search results.  This is done by creating one-way incoming links that point from an external website into another website.  This method it also referred to as backlink building.  However in modern SEO practice backlink building must be done in a specific manner in-order to maintain white hat practices that are enjoyed by search engines rather than frowned upon.  We have over fifteen styles of links that we can create for your business that will get you not only an increase of organic rankings but website traffic alike

Our search engine optimization process first includes a detailed analysis of the website in use to demine errors that may be present in the back-end coding of the websites pages.  We then determine what keywords are to be used for optimization purposes and thereafter add those keywords into the appropriate areas to ensure the website pages are search engine friendly. 

Google considers search engine friendliness by doing their own internal analysis of your website and then providing a grade based upon how the coding is written.  It is imperative to have keywords in areas such as, Title tags, Meta description, Headings and Alternative text attribute behind images.  We in the industry refer to this process as on-site optimization.

Once the on-site optimization is completed we must start promoting the website online.  We do this by first creating up to five hundred words of content containing the keyword or key phrase we are optimizing.  This ensures keyword rich content.  We then take the content that was written by our team and submit it to third party sites.  Each time we submit the content to a third party site we hyperlink the keyword or key phrase that once clicked upon redirects to the website in use.  This is backlink building.

As mentioned previously backlink building is not an easy task anymore.  Search engine are now categorizing different styles of links and if you only have one of two link styles the changes of your website making to page one are slim. 

Our search engine marketing firm builds links from sites such as:

  • Social Media Sites
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Press Release Sites
  • News Sites
  • Classified Ad Sites
  • Blog Sites
  • Video Sites
  • Image Sites
  • Regional Niche Sites
  • Directory Sites
  • Power Point Sites


By building backlinks on numerous category sites such as the ones listed above search engines will notice backlinks from these numerous different sources and your rankings online will shoot through the roof.  Not only will your rankings shoot through the roof, your website traffic and sales will too.