Video SEO

Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or VSEO is a technique used to optimize a video so it can be found by search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Did you know YouTube has surpassed Yahoo! ,becoming the second most popular search engine today? With over 2 billion videos viewed per day and over 800 million unique users visiting per month, it's no wonder why Video SEO is a key factor in increasing search engine positioning.

Created in 2007, YouTube has more than a million partners from 27 Countries around the World. 500 years of video are watched everyday on Facebook, and over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter a minute.

Clicks on the ''like'' or ''dislike'' button on YouTube have doubled since the start of 2011. For every ''dislike'' You Tube receives they get 10 ''likes'' in return. People simply like to tell others about the stuff they love.

If you already have video on your site, MOVE IT UP Marketing will promote your video through hundreds of online channels, making sure your video appears when related keywords are typed into search boxes. Our goal is to embed links from the video hosting site and redirect the traffic back to your website. This process will lead to an increase of website visitors and elevated sales.

We are specialists in online Video SEO and look forward to making your video a blockbuster hit.


1.Create quality video.
2. Optimization of your YouTube Channel.
3. Embed video throughout your site and on Social Media channels. Linking from other sites to promote your video.
4. Use Google analytics and video metrics to improve your campaign.

Video SEO Enablement boosts your search rankings based on the power of unique video content. Unlike other platforms and video hosting sites, MOVE IT UP Marketing automatically generates, verifies, and updates your video sitemap delivering full SEO credit to your domain. As search engines change and grow, instructive and entertaining videos are becoming a crucial way for brands to get an edge on competitors in search rankings and keep their audience engaged.

MOVE IT UP Marketing Can Bring You Motivated Customers

Search Engine Optimized Videos are tireless, effective sales agents that drive traffic to your website. This video-driven traffic is much more motivated than standard pay-per-click (PPC) customers. These new customers already have decided that your site is the place for them. They have already pre-qualified themselves by watching your video(s) before they ever came to your website. They know what you do and are ready to take action!