Website Design

Some say websites are like billboards where you have only seconds to capture your audience’s attention before your potential customers are gone. Our team designs websites to keep the visitor intrigued and wanting to spend more time on your site. This helps increase site conversions. We focus on four primary factors when building a website to ensure the highest levels of conversions are reached.

Our expert website developers have four crucial aspects that must be seen within a matter of seconds.  

1.  Company's Service Description –  Can the site visitor understand the type of products/services the site provides?

2.  Company's Competitive Advantage – Can the site visitor clearly understand what makes their products/services better than competing sites?

3.  Company's Call To Action –  Does the site visitor get assistance in becoming an new client?  Creating a call-to-action allows potential new customers to know exactly what site owners want them to do.

4.  Company's Offer – If the site visitor does what it is that the site owner wanted him/her to do what benefit is received?  Site owners should create a great offer to get site visitors to act now.  

We utilize our entire website department to ensure quality and efficient designs.  Our writers work with conversion analysts who then work with graphic designers to make your site not only user and conversion friendly, but search engine friendly too