Pay Per Click Landing Pages

As we all know ,Pay Per Click is the fastest way to increase website traffic. Most look at the standard numbers provided by Pay Per Click suppliers such as Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter. Number such as total number of impressions, Cost Per Click (CPC), Click through rate (CTR) and forget about the most important number that determines how many leads you will generate, Cost Per Conversion (CPC) maximizing their online revenue potential.

Cost Per Conversion is the ultimate number that will determine whether or not a Pay Per Click campaign is managed correctly. To ensure the Cost Per Conversion is steadily decreased, advertisers must create compelling landing pages build specifically to convert the click into a lead.

You might ask yourself what is good conversion rate? While this is a terrific question, it is often avoided by companies who do not want to cut themselves short if they are not’t hitting the mark for their clients. We analyze data over the last decade and have come to a standard conclusion that a good Cost Per Conversion is right around 5 percent to 20 percent.

Why the drastic numbers you might be wondering… It all depends on the offer. A hard offer such as a common eCommerce site might only reach 5 percent while a soft offer such as low priced products, free trial software downloads, etc. can reach a 20 percent conversion rate and even higher rates are definitely achievable.

Each client of MOVE IT UP Marketing will have a different conversion rate based upon the product/service/offer that is provided. We will create a landing page based upon the keyword currently driving the most traffic to your website. We will analyze current conversion rates and design pages within your site that we know will decrease cost per conversion.

With the proper usage of Webmaster tools and Analytics, we can show each and every one of our clients factual data over time whereas our clients not only will save money but increase conversion rates and elevate online sales to never thought numbers. Reach out today and allow one of our expert PPC managers to analyze your PPC.