Click to Chat

Today, customer service provision needs to be 24/7 – consumers know what they want and if they cannot find it within a few clicks on your website, then they will go elsewhere. With a Live Chat facility on the other hand, you have a highly visible avenue on your website for would-be customers to channel their queries and requests and to receive swift replies instead of waiting for a (likely slower) email response.

What We Offer

MOVE IT UP Marketing runs a managed service handling these live chats for you from our contact centers around the globe. Just as we guarantee with our call handling services, all operatives operate in their own language on the chat service.

Flexible –  We cover the hours you need, meaning you never need to miss a potential customer.

Located Worldwide – They are located across the globe, so we can provide the service in any of the major languages and give you a worldwide presence.

Highly trained – They are rigorously trained to understand the ins and outs of your products and/or services so that they can provide an effective customer support service.

What are the benefits?

We provide you with a dedicated Account Manager to advise you on setting up the service and maintaining it once it is in place. What's more, the service is flexible, so if you would like to handle your own website chats in office hours, and let us handle overflow and outside office hours, we can do that.

To provide this service, we have teamed up with Click4Assistance, who provide the live chat software we use. This software also comes with a number of benefits:

Fully Customizable – We can completely re-brand the chat window and invitations to chat to fit in with you website branding. Click to Call also offers a free design service to help you with the various elements.

User-friendly – As this is a fully hosted service, no lengthy installation or technical knowledge is required to use the service, making it easy for your own staff to conduct chats.

Track visitors – It allows you to monitor visitors in real-time, their pages views, how they arrived at your website and which keywords they used. Reports and graphs can be used to analyze traffic, and to assess how marketing and promotional campaigns are bringing visitors on your site in real-time.

Proactive invitations – It allows you to interact with visitors to your website by sending proactive invitations, asking if you can be of assistance.