Click to Call

Click to Call turns your web visitors into sales leads by making it simple for customers to ‘Call us Now FREE'. Our Click to Call service will help you reduce website abandonment, increase lead conversion and improve online marketing analytics.

We Provide You with Click Call Widget & Integration

Our Tech Support provides you customized APIs and help to Integrate Click to Call Solution into your Web Portal. The link goes live and your Support Center is ready to receive Calls.  

Web Visitor Clicks "Call us Free"

When a visitor to your web portal clicks on the free call back link, they enter their phone number and click connect. Our system calls the web visitor's phone at the number they provided.

Talk On the Phone to Your Prospective Bookers

Our system then calls your phone number and the call is connected! You are now talking with the person that visited your web site.

Benefit to the website visitor

Your website becomes more interactive and the visitor can speak to the website owner/representative instantly for any questions or pre-sales support.

1. Casual visitors become engaged and confident once he speaks to website representative.
2. High Perception value to get in direct touch with suitable person at support side.
3. MUCH MORE IMPULSIVE than advertising a Toll Free Number.
4. Call is FREE of cost for them!

Benefit to website owner

Add personal touch to the website and enable instant 1 to 1 Phone support to your website visitor.

1. Can keep track of serious visitor by phone.
2. Helps in converting a visitor to customer. Works much faster than Email communication.
3. Instant push can help in producing sales.