Google Update Penguin 2.0 Penguin 4 May 22 2013…

Well folks it’s back. Google’s spam fighting newest Penguin 2.0 version 4 update has gone live on May 22, 2013. The new generation of spam technology has been implemented, so hang on to your hats cause I’m sure we are all going for a ride. Matt Cutts the head of Google’s web spam team announced that a new Penguin update was coming previously and well here it is! 2.8% of websites we said to be affected.

Penguin 2.0 a.k.a. Penguin 4 goes deeper than just the home page and analyzes the whole website. Major changes are expected in the search results. Cutts explained in his blog about the next generation Penguin update, and said to basically get ready because it’s rolling out soon. This new update varies by languages and languages with more web spam will see more of an impact from the update.

Some factors have already been identified by Moveitupseomarketing in regards to the latest Google update Penguin 4. some strategies to please Google’s algorithm for this most recent update and future Google updates.

As Cutts covered earlier, he said in a recent video that this Penguin update is a major update that goes much deeper than the original Penguin update and will impact many more SEOs and webmasters than the first generation version. Which all that really means is, just play by the “rules” and we should all be fine!

We are monitoring this update very closely, if we get any fluctuation we will let you guys know. This is a big one, so make sure you guys share this article with as many people in the industry as you can.

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