In the realm of search engine optimization link building has always been the most effective way to increase website rankings. Building incoming links will also bring more people to your website, increase your quality score and they’re one of the positive signals to Google about your site’s importance.

We also need to start realizing that quality content that is well written and added on a frequent basis not only to the website itself but posted to social media sites is extremely important. MOVE IT UP Marketing has created a new product to boost any current SEO link building strategy that involves new content spread across a vast array of social site. We call it, well SEO BOOSTER!

SEO BOOSTER is simple. our lowest package starts at $259.99 and includes the following:

50 Submissions To Social Bookmarking Sites
2 Article Submissions
2 HubPage Submission With Article
2 Press Release Distributions
7 Forum Comments
7 Blog Comments
1 Classified Ad Creation & Submission
We are offering this product at no charge for clients who sign up for a SEO link building plan and a Content Creation plan of $112.99. The Content Creation Plan includes:

2 Articles written monthly
100 Words a piece
30 Day Notice To Cancel Or Pause Campaign
Our team looks forward to supplying the next step of SEO Marketing with the launch of our SEO BOOSTER Plan.

Read more about Incoming links and the importance of adding fresh content to your site via Google Webmaster Central:

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